An elearning company blending maritime training and assessment, crew onboarding and emergency response with smartphone based and untethered virtual reality.

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We strive for the highest quality.  We seek to improve safety standards through the provision of cutting edge, empowering, engaging and economical solutions in training.  Longer-term thinking is imperative given the rapidity and complexity of change today and we help to prepare you for this.


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A uniquely qualified team of experts 

The SeaBot team is made up of a uniquely qualified range of expertise, all experts in their respective fields and with a proven track record of success.  We are made up of Professors, Pedagogic Experts and Commercial Pilots, Curriculum Developers, Master Mariners, programmers, developers and naval architects.  

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The wing man - A former commercial pilot, Ifor is now a proven leader and a Senior Executive having delivered multiple successes.  Our commercial genius.  

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Mariners, geeks curriculum developers, airline pilots, consultants, creative geniuses and professors. 


The doer - Gordon Meadow is our ideas man. A passion for creativity and for breaking boundaries in maritime education and training, and a proven track in applied research. Click the link to find out more!  

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Technology at Your Fingertips

We build apps for ships. 
We create balance in capability by blending training and familiarisation materials, to provide better onboard situational understanding, as well as simply providing opportunities to practice the abnormal.  We harness the power of virtual reality and our knowledge of experiential learning to visualise on and offboard learning from passenger vessel familiarisation to crew handover tools including equipment specific training.  By improving memories through visual neural pathways we help to improve safety standards, around the globe. 
Our mission is to be the provider of cost effective VR blended smartphone applications, worldwide.  Our services include curriculum design as well as curriculum delivery. 
We offered extensive services to change the way you train your people.  We build apps for ships

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Smartphone based immersive virtual reality training applications

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